I would assume it was the most anticipated moment in the whole on month Olympic sessions for Malaysians. My husband and father-in-law were two of them who glued their eyes to the TV set, expecting to witness the glorious moment of Malaysian to receive the first gold medal in 2008’s Olympic BUT Malaysia’s player, Li Chong Wei, was badly defeated by China’s player, Lin Dan. First session, 21-12 and final, 21-8. Not glorious at all. Frankly, it’s a bit disappointing from an asian’s perspective but i’m not too disturbed by the scores since i’m no longer a Malaysian. 

But, overall, i think Li Chong Wei should look at the bright side. He is the FIRST in men’s single to receive a silver medal in Olympic for Malaysia. What’s there to  regret about? He should receive it with an open heart, come back Malaysia, train for another 4 years and go in full speed for 2012’s Olympic gold medal again! Do not lose hope! China won’t be so lucky next time because they are not the host of the game for the next one.

According to my in law’s view, China was lucky to have another player from China itself to play in the semi-final. There might be some “undertable arrangement” who knows and secondly, they were more relax since both the citizen of China work for the same country. On the other hand, Li Chong Wei was a bit unlucky to have players from Indonesia and Korea in the semi-final but he still stood high and firm, defeating those tough guys in the end. A lot of stamina had been used up. Hence, it explained why he did so badly in the final.

Well, right or wrong, everyone has the right to voice it or not to say anything about it. That’s only what i had in mind after joining in the TV session with them just now.